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Most schools only work on choreography when they are rehearsing for a musical...this means that these skills are rarely practiced. Daily8count is going to make your life sooooo much easier when it comes time to get your students dancing since they will have the fundamentals of movement brought to them on a weekly basis.

"Perfect for virtual, in-person, & hybrid classes!"


For years I've had theatre educators ask for choreography tools that are dynamic, accessible, AND affordable...


Well daily8count is all of the above!

Join the future of choreography education for a year for less than the cost of bringing in a teaching artist for a day.

Stream weekly, accessible and DYNAMIC, choreography videos directly to your classroom or living room.


Each week, daily8count releases an original short dance combination perfect for all skill levels...broken down over 5 brief videos for you to stream at your own pace.

Stream each week's videos on your own schedule (i.e. one video each school day...or 2 on Tuesday & 3 on Thursday...or even have a dedicated "CHOREOGRAPHY DAY" each week where you learn that week's combination all at once).


Also included each week are conveniently useful signs that correspond with the dance steps and the accompanying song track.

Perfect warmup or cool down to any theatre class! Great bellringer!

'21/'22 program combinations will remain active for 4 weeks!

"Building Confidence Through Choreography"


'21/'22 daily8count PACKAGES

payment to be handled by PayPal, check, or Venmo

if you require an invoice and/or W-9 tax form, please email daily8count@gmail.com

Full year = $425

Half year = $275

Month = $75

Week = $25

daily8count will ALWAYS be a place that values equity and inclusion.

If you are a program/dancer that cannot afford the full price for daily8count,

please reach out to us as daily8count seeks to be accessible to all and scholarships may be available to those whose department budgets may not allow certain expenditures.

Email daily8count@gmail.com for more information.

We also gladly accept any personal donations as well as donations from booster clubs, parent supporters, businesses, fundraisers, etc. 






Interested in learning more?

email us at daily8count@gmail.com

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